CBD and why Jake Plummer and Nate Diaz are telling the Truth

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CBD and why Jake Plummer and Nate Diaz have both been in the news lately for their consumption of it. CBD is Cannabidiol, a compound found in Cannabis and Hemp. Both men are consuming CBD and shedding light on the wonderful benefits. Nate Diaz who is an MMA fighter said after a fight in August 2016 That he was vaping on a CBD filled cartridge. And quote “It helps with the healing process and inflammation, stuff like that. So you want to get these for before and after the fights, training. It’ll make your life a better place.” This is a  Clear sign he is advocating for CBD and its benefits. 

Jake Plummer is a former NFL player for the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos. He is currently pushing for the NFL to allow the use of CBD products for it’s players. He says CBD has made big changes for him allowing him to feel fit and in shape. Even after all the hard hits of 10 years in the NFL. 


A huge misconception is that CBD is psychoactive, in fact it is not at all. CBD has shown in many studies done world wide that it is a medical compound used for healing. Both Jake plummer and Nate Diaz are attempting to shed light on the fact that CBD is NON Psychoactive. And how it should get used by professional athletes for pain and healing. What is important to realize is that CBD is not Marijuana. Yet many strains of Marijuana do contain high CBD properties. CBD is also extracted from Hemp as well as Marijuana and have the same effects. Nate Diaz is facing possible disciplinary actions by the UFC for consuming CBD. While Jake Plummer is asking the NFL to reconsider their policy against CBD. Both athletes believe this compound could do wonders for the professional athletes. 

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On September 20th, 2016, Evidence was given to the public. Nate Diaz had passed his pre and post drug screenings. The issue now, is that he could still be facing suspension for consuming CBD. Because he admitted to it during his post fight interview back in August. The UFC has CBD banned because of their anti-doping policy in conjunction with the USADA. At this point it is possible Nate Diaz is facing a minor punishment up to a possible suspension. What needs to happen is the USADA needs to realize that this “drug” he is using is helping him in some way. If it is non psychoactive, non enhancing and non addictive, what is the harm of allowing athletes to use it?  


Jake Plummer has been talking to the media and posting on his twitter account about his views on CBD. Now he is working hard to get the NFL to change their policies. As a former player who took some major hits he too, like Diaz understands the damage done on a human body when engaging in a contact sport. Interviews with him in early March, made it clear that Jake was an advocate for CBD. So what started this? Jake is transparent that after getting many surgeries. Becoming depressed he moved to Colorado and got a medical marijuana card to try and relieve his pain. That was until he got introduced to CBD, the perfect alternative. He was able to relieve the pain and not have to be high.   

CBD Jake Plummer NFL
CBD Larry Sanders

Are these the first athletes to use CBD or Marijuana for pain relief? No not even close to the first ones! Former Portland Trailblazers Cliff Robinson announced he was going into the marijuana business. Back in January of 2016 he stated he was starting his own grow operation in Portland Oregon. 

In 2014 Milwaukee Bucks player Larry Sanders got suspended for his marijuana use. He was quoted in an interview saying. “It’s something I feel strong about I believe in marijuana and the medical side of it. I know what it is if I’m going to use it. I study it, and I know the benefits it has. 


You can’t actually label it with so many other drugs that people can get addicted to. Drugs that have so many negative effects on your body and your family. Your relationships and impairment. This is not the same thing. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Who played basketball for the Bucks as well as the Lakers has been an advocate for marijuana for decades. He now says he has a medical prescription for marijuana. Richard Dumas. Who played for the Phoenix Suns stated back in 1997 and I quote “if they tested for pot, there would be no league.” referring to the NBA, This got quoted to the New York Times.

In 2015 more than 10 players from the NFL got suspended. Each received different amounts of time for their consumption of Marijuana. It is clear pro athletes are consuming Marijuana. So It seems as though the elephant in the room is not how many athletes are consuming marijuana. Marijuana infused products or CBD, but why? Can it be that most of these athletes are consuming for recreational purposes? That can be possible… or is it bigger than that? Are these athletes using Marijuana and or CBD to combat the amount of damage done to their bodies? 

Not only are athletes using what society has conditioned people to think of as a “drug” for medical reasons. But many are saying it does not in any way affect their ability to perform. In 2009, A picture surfaced of 28 time medal olympian Michael Phelps using a water pipe. There was claims the water pipe was filled with marijuana. At first Phelps said he regretted his behavior and bad judgment. Later he changed his views. And said to the public that using Marijuana has never affected his performance in a negative way.  

While agencies like the NBA and NFL continue to outlaw the use of CBD and Marijuana products. They continue to allow the use of Alcohol. Of course players are not allowed to play under the influence. But because alcohol in todays generation is so accepted, there is no issue. Whats sad about this is alcohol is not going to help a player rejuvenate the damage done to him on the field. When he could be consuming CBD which would actually help his body. Studies have shown that the consumption of alcohol can cause long term damage on many organs. As well as the immune system. More than just the physical long term side effects of alcohol. It can cause aggressive behavior, self destruction, lack of restraint and even addiction. Yet because society accepts alcohol and not marijuana. The more dangerous one skates by without a blink of an eye. 

One day, Jake Plummer and Nate Diaz will get recognized for their honesty. There courage to stick up for this natural medicine. Let just imagine that CBD is allowed to get used in these large professional sports agencies. While we are imagining this, let’s imagine that instead of athletes getting prescribed painkillers. Painkillers that contain opiates, that they get offered CBD instead. Would this imaginary scenario end the amount of athletes that become addicted to painkillers. end up switching to harsher drugs and losing their entire career? The possibility for this is around the corner. CBD when extracted the right way will contain no THC. This means no psychoactive properties at all. Allowing people like professional athletes to take this medicine and not get high.

In 2015 there were over 250 concussions in the NFL alone. You can’t tell me hits like that don’t shock the body and cause nerve damage. The American Journal of Sports Medicine recently found that MMA fighters. Such as Nate Diaz who compete in the UFC suffer more Traumatic Brain Injuries. Than players of football, hockey, kickboxing and boxing. Studies like the 2014 Brazil Study. Show that taking CBD for an extended period of time not only shows improvement. But also begins to repair nerve damage. Test have shown this on the body as well as in the brain.

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Here we are and the end of 2016 approaching. CBD is still not being taken serious for the medical benefits it contains. Later in history we will look back on this and laugh. At the time when we were so blind about the benefits of CBD and the Cannabis plant as a whole. Being able to offer professional athletes something natural. Something that not only helps with pain but also helps with inflammation. but also helps heal as quoted by Nate Diaz earlier in this article. Jake Plummer has stated that this is the best he has ever felt, this can’t be a coincidence. 

Here is to hoping that Nate Diaz does not get suspended. Here’s to making moves on getting the UFC to change their policy. And to Jake Plummer in the hope’s he is able to make headway with the NFL and get them to change their policy as on CBD. 

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