CBD Oil Benefits for PTSD Sufferers

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CBD benefits for PTSD sufferers



Over the past few years there has been many studies conducted. Studies that have shown that the use of marijuana or hemp can be affective in treating illnesses. And as many of you know there are now many states that have legalized the use of marijuana. Since this has taken place marijuana and hemp has become much more accepted in the United States. And is not starting to get recognized for it medical properties.

Many of the objections to its use are the “high” feeling that the patient can experience. This psychotropic effect is due to the compound delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. This is one of over 140 compound molecule’s found in marijuana. Many studies say it is the cannabidiol that is the effective component in marijuana. Which does not produce the feelings of euphoria otherwise known as the feeling of being high. This cannabidiol, often called CBD. Test are showing its affective use in treating post traumatic stress disorder. Which affects 20 percent of Iraq war veterans. There are even greater numbers of veterans from past conflicts affected. 

Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD. This is a mental condition that affects people that have been in some sort of traumatic event. Such as Military Combat or some sort of violent crime. Maybe it was abuse from child hood or even a natural disaster of some sort. Shock waves from IED blast or bombs exploding can cause head injuries that can lead to PTSD. This type of illness can cause a person to become numb to there emotions.

PTSD and what it is

It is often accompanied by Hyper-Vigilance. Which is an enhanced feeling of threat in ones surrounding area close by. When this takes place it can make every sudden loud noise cause them extreme distress.  A person may also become anxious or it can cause them to feel depressed. People may experience signs of insomnia. Disturbed sleep patterns and may experience some bouts of aggression. Extreme headaches are also a common symptom of PTSD. Which can stay with the person and they may never experiencing any relief. They may have flashbacks of the traumatic event and avoid situations that  remind them of it.

PTSD Wounds

Many people who suffer from PTSD engage in some form of substance abuse. Because they are trying to find some sort of relief from these constant issues. This condition can occur when the individual experienced the violence or abuse. This type of condition can also occur when they have only seen it happening to another person. Which explains why so many veterans are suffering from PTSD to some extent. There is a huge variety of medications that get used to treat PTSD. Prescription Drugs often have side effects. That make them difficult to continue to take over a long term. CANNABIS OIL OFFERS ANOTHER OPTION FOR PTSD PATIENTSSo that they can resume their lives without feeling the troubling symptoms of PTSD on a daily basis.

PTSD and the Military

Increasing numbers of people in the military are experiencing the effects of PTSD. Researchers suggest that this is the result of modern warfare. Along with higher levels of anxiety and violence in combat situations that soldiers experience. Even if the individual soldier themselves have not sustained injuries in combat. They may have seen their fellow soldiers wounded in IED explosions. Or some type of other traumatic circumstances that can happen on the battle field.


These TORMENTING CONDITIONS FROM PTSD are causing high rates of suicide among military servicemen. The current suicide rate of soldiers whether still in service or are now ex military is 23 deaths per day. Which is creating a climate of immediacy for finding solutions for soldiers. So many people may have experienced traumatic events during their tour of duty. Cognitive behavioral therapy and medications have provided some relief for these veterans. But there is more solutions needed to fight the rising numbers of PTSD sufferers. 

PTSD and Suicide Rate

Cannabis oil may offer another tool in the fight. One that can help these military members deal with the aftermaths of their service.

What Is CBD Oil ? CBD oil is a thick, sticky compound (resin) made from the hemp or marijuana plant. The oil is extracted using a variety of different methods. Some include the use of solvents of various kinds like butane. Or by the use of carbon dioxide under pressure, which requires expensive, specialized equipment. The oil that is used for these treatments contains a high percentage of cannabidiol so it can treat PTSD. So the plants used for extraction are low in THC and high in CBD resin.

PTSD and Veterans

When ingested, CBD oil can help to:


  • Decrease feelings of anxiety
  • Improve symptoms of depression
  • Reduce hypervigilance often experienced by PTSD sufferers
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Eliminate aggressive reactions
  • Improve personal interactions
  • Reduce Flashbacks
  • Relieve Headaches
  • Reduce Irritability 
  • Help Relieve Eye Strain From Light Sensitivity 
  • Eliminate Sudden Twitching While Sleeping
  • Calm Restless Sleeping Habits 



Why Cannabis Oil Works. The cannabidiol or CBD in cannabis oil is the component that helps to reduce PTSD symptoms. And it can do this without the psychoactive effects caused by THC. Cannabidiol or CBD can actually reduce the effects of paranoia that PTSD sufferers experience. Seems like over the years many of them have been over medicating with prescription pills. They have been doing this in search of relief. Until recently the use of marijuana and or CBD was not an option for military service members. Due to policies of the VA, service members were not allowed to use marijuana or hemp products. If a service member had cannabinoids in there system they could lose there VA benefits.

Cannabidiol oil is from the hemp plant or a special strain of marijuana that is low in THC and high in CBD. One study on mice indicated that CBD can help to reduce FEAR MEMORY by a significant amount. Thus reducing anxiety levels. This result helps explain why CBD can help patients experiencing PTSD symptoms. Because reliving past events and the emotions they cause is a primary side effect of the disorder.




PTSD and Headaches

Evidence for CBD Oil’s Effectiveness. Patients who have chosen to use CBD report significant improvement in their symptoms. With fewer anxiety attacks, less crippling depression and improved sleep patterns upon regular use. Patients also report they have had improved interactions with others. Due to greater engagement and emotional involvement. People suffering from PTSD are able too start having normal lives again. Instead of the numbness and feelings of alienation that are a common feeling of PTSD. 



Although there has been many studies that have shown promising results with the use of CBD. For some reason it is still not completely accepted in our society as a form of medicine. Could this be because of a misunderstanding of marijuana or hemp. Or could this be more to do with pharmaceutical companies controlling our health. Through the use of prescription pills. Either way it is becoming harder and harder for people to deny that CBD is an affective way to treat PTSD. And not just PTSD but many other types of illnesses also. 

PTSD CBD Molecule


There are many great CBD Companies on the market today. With that said keep in mind there are many not so great CBD companies on the market also. So we suggest using CBD Products from a trusted source like Theonlycbd.com. Because They use only the purest and best CBD available. As a result there is ZERO chemicals used the making of there products. But regardless of the company you end up going with you always want to make sure that  they are using pure CBD. And they there is no other cannabinoids mixed in with it. You want to insure that they have test results available to make sure there CBD is what they say it is. 



PTSD and CBD for Veterans. For more Information Please Visit CBDHELPME.org