20% of our troops suffer from PTSD, along with countless others from other countries that have endured the wars. Medical Marijuana and CBD are being used by war veterans everywhere who are finding relief for high anxiety, and hyper vigilance depression.

Veterans report that there’s no prescription drugs that they’ve taken that is helping with their PTSD symptoms, except medical marijuana or CBD infused products. Prescriptions that the VA prescribes are reported as zombie medications, because the users feel like zombies while on the medications with no real relief from the symptoms of PTSD.

One veteran reported that within three minutes after using a gram of medical marijuana that was high in CBD he went from violently shaking to completely stop shaking, and was now able to have a complete conversation. The veteran reported that he didn’t need this medication before joining the military, but needs it now and when he doesn’t get it he can’t stop shaking.

Reports like these are very common among war veterans of all countries. Veterans can now use medical marijuana in the United States within states that have legally voted in medical marijuana, however, for veterans that live in states with CBD only laws and laws restricting the use of medical marijuana their only alternative is to use CBD infused products that do not contain THC and were derived from the hemp plant instead of marijuana plants.

CBDLibre.com provides these type of hemp derived CBD infused products that are legal in all 50 states.