Episode 1 – Anxiety Disorder

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Anxiety Disorder

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Anxiety Disorder

Charlotte: Hey y’all this is Charlotte from CBD Libre here on the Libre story pod-cast. I have a great person here today to help me with an awesome subject we are going to be talking about. I have a Co-founder of CBD Libre here with us. His name is Cody, We are going to be talking about anxiety and all the different things that go around with that.

Cody: Hey everybody we just wanted to make a short podcast today. Kinda talking about anxiety and how that can affect your daily life. What can you do to treat that and how can CBD help you with anxiety. We are going to go over a few questions today. Get some information flowing around about this illness that people are suffering from.

Charlotte: Awesome so where do you wanna start.

Cody: I guess let’s start here with getting a basic understanding of what anxiety is ?

Charlotte: OK so let’s jump right into it the topic for today is Anxiety.

Cody: Right, So the first question we have today is. What actually is Anxiety.

Charlotte: OK so before we even get into what is Anxiety I want to point out a huge statistic. The national institute of mental health says that. Approximately 40 million adults between the ages of 18 and 54 suffer from anxiety disorders. Now keep in mind that is going to be any body that has seen a doctor and or got treated for any kind of anxiety. So that is eliminating a lot of people that either don’t realize they have anxiety. That do know they have anxiety but are not able to get any kind of treatment. Or can not afford to get seen by a doctor to get treatment. With that said i just want to point out that 40 million adults in America alone is a huge number.

Cody: Wow 40 million people that is massive. That is almost 18 percent of the population in the united states. That is diagnosed with anxiety disorders.


Charlotte: Right that is huge. So as far as an anxiety disorder goes there is many different disorders that can be categorized under anxiety. There are six major ones that are actually labeled. The first one being general anxiety. The second type known as Anxiety attacks or Panic disorder. The third being one of the more common types which is social anxiety. The forth is obsessive compulsive disorder otherwise known as OCD. The fifth is not as common as some of the other ones on the list. But is still a type of anxiety called phobia and last but not least is the sixth and final on which is PTSD. So out of all six of these there are many branches that come off of each individual one of these six. But these are the main six that as far as the National Institute of Mental Health says are anxiety.

Cody: Next question. What are some common symptoms of an anxiety disorder ? 

Charlotte: This is a good question because not every body is going to have the same kind or same type of symptoms. But yet the doctors are still labeling them with the same type of anxiety disorder. So some general symptoms of anxiety can be headaches, Stomach aches, shortness of breath. Or maybe Shaking hands, studdering of words or speech, Dizziness, Disorientated, Restlessness. I’m sure you have some to Cody ?

Cody: Yes of course and there can be a lot of different type of symptoms. They can range anywhere from fatigue, to Restlessness, Sweating, Hyper-vigilance, Irritability, Racing thoughts. Unwanted thoughts, I mean the list goes on and on. You can even have symptoms like excessive worrying, Fear, Feeling of doom. Some people even have symptoms like insomnia, Nausea, Poor concentration.

Charlotte: Things like sense of choking, Chest pains. Pounding chest feeling like your heart is racing. Feeling weak, over all Fear for anything. Studdering when you don’t have any type of speech problems. I mean any of these things or even worse a combination of all of these things. These things Can all point in the direction of a person suffering from an anxiety disorder. I know myself when I have experienced panic attacks, diagnosed with anxiety at a young age. I know that I have had many different kinds of panic attacks. But I know that the general ones I would have would be a combination of a lot of these different symptoms. 

Definitely feeling dizzy or disorientated. Not being able to focus my heart would be racing Several unwanted thoughts. Just not being able to handle anything at all at that moment. So with that said I definitely say that for panic attacks it is going to be a combination of these and other symptoms.

Cody: That brings up a good point. I myself do not suffer from an anxiety disorder nor have I ever suffered from anxiety. But a lot of these symptoms we are going over right now are symptoms that I do have with a depression disorder. So what you are saying is that with these symptoms that we share a lot of the same symptoms. But depression and anxiety are two different illnesses.

Charlotte: Oh ya definitely, I mean me myself I was also diagnosed with depression. Though out the years of getting seen by different doctors. What I have been able to realize is that my depression stemmed from my anxiety disorder. So a lot of my depression over the years was actually caused by my anxiety. Versus other people may share a lot of the same symptoms but do not have anxiety. They are suffering from a real depression disorder. Not depression that is brought on by anxiety. So I’m glad that you brought that up because even though they share common symptoms. There is definitely a difference between these two illnesses.

Cody: Ya and just to make things a little clearer for the people listening to this pod-cast. One of the main difference in Anxiety versus Depression is an anxiety disorder itself. Is a sense of doubt an vulnerability about future events. The attention of the anxious person focused on future events. And the fear that those future events will be bad or negative. An anxiety disorders is characterized by a variety of different symptoms. Involving anxious thoughts and unexplained physical sensations. Versus depression itself, so you gotta slow down for a minute and look at the difference in these. Anxiety is the fear of future events regardless of the outcome of them. 

So it doesn’t matter whether the outcome is good or bad, or how it effects you in a negative or positive way. Your just anxious about the fact of unknowing what is going to happen. Depression is, I am worried about what is going to happen. But I have already convinced myself that whatever is going to happen is going to be bad. It is going to effect me in a negative way and it doesn’t matter what actually happens. Because I have convinced myself that it is going to be a bad situation and it will be negative. Versus you having anxiety your anxious about the fact of unknowing. whether its going to be a good situation or a bad situation. When I have already convinced myself it is going to be a bad situation regardless of the outcome of it.

Charlotte: Right so like a perfect example of that is going to be you’re going to a concert with your friends. My anxiety is going to be the fact that we are going. Not the fact that we are not going to have fun or that something bad might happen. Its just the getting ready the whole overwhelming process that we are going. Versus the way I am understanding what your saying is that with depression. No matter what something bad will happen. Something is going to happen at this event and it will be bad. Even if its not so much that the music is bad but could be a flat tire. Someone could get into a fight is that kind of what I am understanding you are saying.

Cody: Ya I mean more less that is exactly what I am trying to say. In that particular situation right there it would be the fact of going to the concert itself. Now like you mentioned it could be as simple as something like I get a flat tire on my way to the concert. I get pulled over I could get a speeding ticket, a fight breaks out the cops get called the concert gets shut down. It could be many different things but all those things are negative. They are all something bad that could happen. and some how they are all going to effect me in a negative way. 

Charlotte: OK I understand and that makes more since. I know when I have had panic attacks in the past and we will get to why I don’t have them anymore. so for you listening just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there definitely was for me.  I know I would have panic attacks at the most random situations. Like I would be standing at the grocery store and start panicking about what was going on around me. 

Did I lock my car like what a random thing to be freaking out in the middle of the grocery store about. When five minutes before that I was freaking out about would every one like the cheese I was using to make dinner. So it became like an everything all the time panic. I know a lot of people as they are diagnose with anxiety. Just get worse and worse because the panic attacks just get to the point of being unbearable. that was definitely the point that I was at.

Cody: So the next question that we have here is. Well this is not a question that came from an outside source this is more just for common knowledge but here we go. The question is, What are some common medications. A doctor would proscribe someone that is suffering from an anxiety disorder ?


Charlotte: It is common to see someone proscribe more then one type of medication for an anxiety disorder. Even more common is to get told try a higher dosage of this lower dosage of that. Try this medication with that medication. I know the ones that I hear the most and ones that I myself was proscribe. Are like Ativan, Valium, Lithium, Xanax, Klonopin and i know there is a bunch more help me out here Cody.

Cody: I mean ya there are hundreds of different medications on the market.  Pharmaceutical companies are coming out with new medications it seems like every single day. Aside from some of the most common ones like Xanax, Klonopin, Valium. You have things like Prozac, Luvox, Zoloft, Paxil, Lexapro, Celexa. I mean there is hundreds of different types of medications a doctor could proscribe you. The doctor could proscribe you a single one of these medications. In many situations a doctor will proscribe you three or four of these medications. Then tell you to take different amounts of them, give you three to four weeks to adjust to them. Then bring you back in and switch the amounts up. 

With that said these are foreign chemicals and or foreign objects that are now going inside your body. That your body was not designed to handle these chemicals or process them. What kind of an effect are these medications having on your organs. And on your body since your body is not made to process these types of medications ?

Charlotte: So that brings up a huge question and definitely a red flag for me. As far as when I realized I didn’t want these kinds of foreign or synthetic things inside my body. To help this quote “Chemical imbalance that my brain had”. The other thing about it for me is its not just what it is doing to my body which is huge. Its also about what it is doing to me mentally. I know that I went through countless different doctors and Many different medications. Every different level of dosages many different types of combinations. This one with that one or try this and try that one together. 

I know that one major conclusion I came to with all this is that I didn’t feel normal I didn’t feel like me. I didn’t feel like a human I felt numb a lot of the times. Like I would watch a sad movie and I wouldn’t cry I would watch a funny movies with my friends and i wouldn’t laugh. And its not that I wasn’t enjoying myself. That I wasn’t upset about what was going on in the movie when I should be crying.  Its just these drugs numbed my emotions so I didn’t feel like a human. I felt like a zombie ya know for lack of a better example. Ya like you have been up for days on end without any energy or vibrations at all.  Like i was just moving through life rather then living it or experiencing it or enjoying.

Cody: Right and along with some of the common side effect like the ones she just listed there.  The list goes on and on about different types of side effects. Outside the feeling like a zombie or having no emotions at all. No involvement or loss of just everyday involvement with human life. Theres a lot more then just that you can have side effects of Nausea, vomiting. Weight gain and or weight loss, lack of sleep insomnia it can even cause issues with your sexual drive. You can even go as far to say there is a lot more types of serious side effects. When it comes to mixing different types of medications can have. 

There are thoughts of suicide, attempts at suicides I mean some are even successful at it. It can worses depression it can make your anxiety disorder worse. I mean come on now what kind of a side effect is that. You are taking a medication to get rid of your anxiety and it makes your anxiety worse.

Charlotte: And to the point that it causes other things like depression. So someone that just had something as simple as a little bit of social anxiety. Where they are not able to be around more then just a couple of people at once. Now they are taking this medications that has been proscribe to them by there doctor. There body already cant or doesn’t know how to process this. Now they are taking it like there doctor told them to do and they are becoming depressed or suicidal. Which is now causing the suicide rate in America to go up even higher then it already is. Which one of the things that the National Institute of Mental Health. Has pointed out is that they are listing PTSD as being a form of anxiety. 

Which PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder. Already having many panic attacks and now they get given meditations for anxiety. That is now causing them to have depression and making them suicidal. How exactly are these pharmaceutical Medications helping ?

Cody: Thats a good point, and even more on side effects. A person can experience angry and violent outburst, aggressive, dangerous impulses. The list goes on and on about these types of side effects. Don’t get me wrong yes anxiety is a problem but if your taking medication to get rid of an anxiety disorder. Your taking it to stop being anxious to stop the fear of unknowing not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow. And the side effect is now a violent and dangerous outburst. With that said what is worse I mean be honest what is worse ? The fact that you were nervous about what was going to happen tomorrow or the next day. Or the violent outburst this medication just caused you to have.

Charlotte: Exactly and like I said before I was going to come back to this and why I did see a light at the end of the tunnel. This is where all this gets tied into CBD. CBD has shown in many studies over the years to be effective against anxiety. Not just one form of anxiety but every single form that is listed. National Institute of Mental Health mentioned like social anxiety, general anxiety. PTSD, Panic Attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and phobia. And these are all treatable by the use of CBD. And this is not something that gets talked about. I feel like it is something that needs to get talked about and discussed.

Cody: Your right and that is exactly why we are here today. So lets get into CBD and it uses as a medication as an alternative medication to treat an anxiety disorder.

Charlotte: OK so before you even go there i just want to say that we are not doctors. By no means are we saying that if you are on any type of medications that you should just stop taking them. Or that you should ignore what your doctor has said. We are just informing people that there is an alternative out there.

Cody: Your right NO where here are saying that we are doctors. Or that we have been to medical school and have 7 year doctors degrees. Just to be clear that is not even the angle we are coming at it from here. We are just spreading the information and putting it out there. That there is other ways to help you with your anxiety. We are not telling you to stop taking your medications and not listen to your doctors. We are giving you information and what you choose to do with it is 100% your decisions.

Charlotte: But the important part is knowing that knowledge is power. If you don’t have all the information then your not going to be able to make the right decision. So thats where my decision to stop taking pharmaceutical drugs and switch over to CBD. That was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I was also given all the information before making that decision. I feel like that is what we are trying to do here. We want to spread some light on the situation so that way other people can have all the information as well. And they can make the right decisions for them based on there situation.

Cody: OK and as you mentioned here CBD has helped you with your anxiety. So lets start with the basics and that is what exactly is CBD ?

Charlotte: OK so CBD also known as cannabidiol is one of over 85 cannabinoids found in the hemp or Marijuana plant. So with that said before any one gets excited it is not weed it does not get you high. It is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp or marijuana. but it is the cannabinoid THC that gets you high that is in the marijuana plant. THC is the cannabinoid that contains the psychoactive properties the gets you high feeling. CBD is the cannabinoid that contain the medical properties.

Cody: Our CBD that we use comes from industrial Hemp. We do not extract any CBD from marijuana and that is why our CBD contains ZERO THC in it. 

Charlotte: That is huge that you point that out because with that said since there is zero THC in any of our products. This means our products are legal in all 50 states. Which means no matter where you live our product is able to get shipped to you. Outside of America I am understanding that there are a lot of counties with similar laws as America. Is that correct Cody ?

Cody: Yes there is a lot of other countries out there that have similar laws. Now they are not going to follow our laws and regulation exactly. But they will be close as in CBD that has is extracted from industrial Hemp. Is legal because it contains zero THC. Verses CBD that is from marijuana is illegal because it contains THC. As with many of you already know here in America marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. And illegal in most states as well. And that applies to most places outside the USA as in Marijuana is illegal in most other countries.

Charlotte: So I do know that there are a lot of other countries that have laws. Saying THC is illegal but CBD is legal if it contains ZERO THC and comes from industrial Hemp. To name a few of these countries I think like Japan, Israel. United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia. So if you are reading this or listening through the pod-cast. And you live outside of America we encourage you to do some research check your local laws. See what they are if you are unable to find this information feel free to contact us. We can research it or may already know the local laws in your country. Because we do ship world wide and as long as it is legal where you are then we will ship it to you.

Cody: So you now have the CBD molecule that is extracted from hemp. Not marijuana and it contains no THC so tell me this. If I was suffering from anxiety and had some sort of anxiety disorder. Why would I want to take CBD if it does not contain THC ?

Charlotte: This is actually a question that I get a lot. So one of the main reason why is. Yes people do get relief from an anxiety disorder when smoking marijuana but the relief is coming from the CBD. Because marijuana does contain small amounts of CBD. There are two different sides of marijuana one side has more of an uppity feeling. While the other is more of a down calming feeling. So sativa is going to be more of the up giggling fun excited feeling so that can make your anxiety worse. It can take a small amount of anxiety and blow it was out of proportion. It can make you start having panic attacks the person can start getting paranoid.

Thinking every one around them knowns they are high now it can just make things a lot worse. And thats common when people with an anxiety disorder use marijuana. Or use a product with THC in it so if you completely remove the THC. And there is nothing left but the CBD molecule itself. There is no psychoactive properties anymore so it does not get you high. It only attacks the anxiety and calms you down and starts making you feel better. I started taking CBD on and off when I was working at a dispensary in Colorado. I had many customers that came in that were taking pharmaceutical drugs. That wanted to switch over that wanted to stop taking there medications. They were tapering off there medications and taking CBD. And they were seeing great results.

I have seen a couple friends of mine there are diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder. They have started taking our sub-lingual and it worked great for them. One of the girls had just turned 18 and was not able to be around more then one or two people at a time. It now has been a year since she started taking CBD she now works a full time job as a waitress. Has a boyfriend she is able to go out with her friends.

Cody: If I come to you and I tell you I have anxiety I say hey Charlotte I have an anxiety disorder. What can you help me with what products can you offer me to help with my anxiety disorder ? I have been on your website I have looked it over I have seen the three different products. Which one of those three should I be taking for my anxiety disorder ?

Charlotte: This is another great question and I love this question the most. This is when I am able to get to know our customers and actually talk with them about what there looking for. So I will ask you what kind of symptoms are you having. When are you having them is it certain times of the day or during certain events. And from there we can figure out which product is the best for you.

The other thing I do know is I have a lot of customers who already vape. They tell me hey I vape and I have an anxiety disorder so should I just use the vape product. And I tell them yes if you are someone that already vapes then yes you should use the vape product. Because inhaling CBD is one of the fastest ways to get it into your system and into your body. That said that is why we offer three different products and all three of them start working quick. One of them being a sub-lingual an oral product taken by mouth so it will get into your system quicker.

One that is a trans-dermal product. That was designed to penetrate the layers of your skin fast to get into the bloodstream. Then the vape product that is of course inhaled. In no way am I going to sit here and tell any one to start smoking or vaping. Yet being someone that was a smoker for 15 years and quit smoking with an E-Cigarette. It was great to have something I could vape something I could just throw in my tank. I know cody does not vape all the time but that is also something that you have used for migraines. I also believe you use it for PTSD is that right ? 

Cody: Ya I use CBD for PTSD treatment and speaking of PTSD we are going to make another pod-cast. Talking about PTSD and symptoms and how it can affect your daily life. How it can affect the lives of your family members. I myself suffer from PTSD being a veteran and getting deployed to Iraq many times.

Being in war in combat so I myself will be doing an entire page and pod-cast on PTSD for you guys. And if any of you have any questions about PTSD or using CBD as a Treatment. Or maybe you just need someone to talk to about that understands PTSD. And understands going to war and being in combat please contact me.

Charlotte: I do know that you and I both know people suffering from anxiety. That have taken a hit of your mod before and have started feeling better almost right away. I know that both you and I encourage that if you are already a vaper then to use the vape product. So that would be the answer I would give to you Cody. If you came to me and asked me hey I am having a lot of anxiety and I vape then yes I would recommend the vape product to you.

If you didn’t vape then I would tell you to try the sub-lingual product. Take a few drops under your tongue hold it there for 30 to 60 seconds and swallow. Then wait about 10 or 15 minutes and see how you feel and then take it as needed. You should start feeling better within a quick amount of time ya know.

Cody: Right and with that said, we are not trying to tell any one to go out there and buy an E-Cigarette. Or to start vaping or anything like that. E-Cigarette equipment is not cheap that can end up being a lot of money to get a good setup. But definitely if you are one of those people that already vapes then ya sure try it. But if you are not someone who already vapes then there is no reason to go spend a 100 dollars or more on a  vape setup.

Some of these new mods, Tanks and batteries can cost a couple hundred dollars or more just to use this product. That is why we have come up with a sub-lingual product that came is taken straight out of the bottle. Straight into the mouth under the tongue and that way you just bypass the need for all that other equipment.

I have done some research I know a lot of people that have some type of an anxiety disorder. So with that said if I come to you and tell you I have an anxiety disorder do I need to buy the most expensive bottle of CBD ? if that is all I am trying to treat is my anxiety disorder do I need the 90 dollar bottle do I need 300 MG of CBD to treat my anxiety disorder ? 

Charlotte: Well thats going to be a yes and a no answer and that all depends on what type of anxiety disorder you have and how severe you have it. If its something that is say like a social anxiety disorder and is a lot more miner symptoms. Say like you get overwhelmed in large group settings. You’re having to give a presentation or speech in front of people. Stuff like that type of social interaction gives you anxiety then no. I would not tell you that you need 300 MG bottle of CBD. The 100 MG Bottle and just take a couple of drops would work great for that.

One of my girlfriends that I spoke about earlier that was young. She was going through social anxiety issues. That is now doing good and has seen major improvements she started out on just the 100 MG bottle. The great thing about CBD is your body doesn’t build up a resistance to it so you’re body is going to use it as needed. It actually stores it until it’s needed so if you have been taking to much. You’re body is going to store it until a later time when it needs it.

So a lot of people are actually able to take a less amount or a lower MG dosage amount. I know I started out on the 300 MG strength and now I am taking the 100 MG strength. Because I have enough built up in my body I have been taking it long enough that my body has stored up enough.

I am able to take a lot lower dosage to take the edge off when my anxiety disorder starts acting up. But no for an anxiety disorder someone doesn’t have to be the top most expensive bottle. I know that you can throw a couple of drops of the 300 MG into your vape and it is going to last you a long time. For someone with something similar like a social anxiety disorder because they are not going to need a lot of CBD. Or you can buy the cheaper bottle like the 100 MG. Instead of taking 1 drop you would take 3 drops to equal the same amount of CBD. It comes down to what your needing it for and how bad your anxiety disorder is.

Cody: Exactly and we have a lot of customers that order from us that have an anxiety disorder and I will be honest with you guys. People that suffer from some type of an anxiety disorder. About 95% of People that have an anxiety disorder can use the 100 MG CBD and that is plenty enough for them. Depending on how often you have anxiety attacks and how bad you’re anxiety attacks. A 100 MG bottle could last you any where from one week all the way up to two months. And that all depends on how often and how severe these anxiety attacks are. So again 95% of the time a 100 MG bottle will be enough for an anxiety disorder. 

Charlotte: Thats True, I feel like there is always those few extreme cases when we talk about any type of illness. There is going to be those few extreme cases. Whether we are talking about an anxiety disorder, depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Fibromyalgia. We have a customer that has Fibromyalgia that had been bed ridden. That is way more extreme then a customer that has Fibromyalgia. That only feels a slight bit of muscle pain through out the day. So there is always going to be customers that have extremes. On every different level of any different type of illness’s.

So there is definitely going to be those that have an extreme anxiety disorder. And extreme panic attacks that are not even able to get out of bed. Then I have customers that are like hey going to work stresses me out and is causing me to have a little bit of an anxiety disorder. Because of this case I am working on this new boss that just got hired in or this new position I transferred to. Or ya know my child is going to have mild surgery or something like that then ya 100 MG is going to be perfect. So its definitely a case to case basis which is why I encourage people to reach out.

When you have people like Cody and I that are willing to answer questions and be helpful. We want to make sure that if you do have a question about will this work for this. Can I use this and will it help with these issue’s we want to make sure you get the answer you are looking for. 

Cody: Thats exactly right we are here to help answer any question you may have. Ya know a 100 dollars for a 300 Mg bottle is not cheap a lot us cant afford to be spending 100 Dollars all the time. So like I mentioned before 95% of the time you can get away with using a 100 MG bottle. Try it and you will see that in most cases it be enough for what your needs are. And if all else fails instead of taking a half of a dropper full take a full dropper you just take a little bit more of it. 

Charlotte: Right because something that we did find is that the average. In our 300 MG tincture that is the ADDIT product that 1 drop is equal to about 1 MG of CBD. Which means in the 100 MG that would be about 3 drops would equal 1 MG of CBD. You would just take more as needed and we do have customers that cant afford 90 to 100 Dollars per bottle. But they can afford the 100 Mg bottle and so they just take a little bit more to equal the stronger dosage. As it starts working for them they are able to take a less amount over time. 

Cody: Yes that is correct. Like I have mentioned a few times already your normal person with just your normal day to day anxiety disorder. I’m not talking about taking a lot of CBD. We’re talking about the normal person with a normal case of an anxiety disorder or the normal panic attacks here. We are talking about pulling the dropper out and taking 5 to 7 drops of this products ya know. We’re are not talking about taking droppers and droppers full of this stuff. Where you are going through a 15 ml bottle of this stuff every three to four days we are talking about 5 to 7 drops is all. 

Charlotte: I’m glad that you brought that up because when I was having panic attacks. When I first started taking CBD I would use a couple of drops on my dripper with my mod. That 15 ML bottle would last me forever. Which means I was buying my E-liquid way more often then I was buying my CBD but I was still using both all the time. I was adding a few drops into my tank every morning so I was starting my day off with taking CBD. That way any anxiety or panic attacks that might have been there daily. I already had CBD in my system just to take the edge off. I’d never get to the point of having the anxiety and then needing to take it.

Cody: Right I agree, So tell me about this new FEELIT product ? If I am vaping already then I can just use the vape it product. Or I can grab a bottle of the sub-lingual the ADDIT product and just places some drops under my tongue real quick. 

Charlotte: And what is that the ADDIT product. It’s suspended in just hemp oil nothing else we don’t have anything else in there of then just CBD and Hemp oil ? 

Cody: Right the ADDIT is 100% Hemp oil there is no other additives or chemicals added into that. The CBD gets suspended in 100% pure Hemp Oil it is 100% Natural and 100% Organic.

Charlotte: And it is extra refined also. Because I know this Hemp Oil is unlike any other Hemp Oil I have ever tasted before. It does not have any type of bitter taste it almost has like a little bit of a nutty flavor to it. Which is strange because I would have never thought that hemp oil would have tasted like a nut flavored oil. But I don’t get this weird dirt grassy nasty kind of taste. Because it is refined and clean and almost clear it kind of has that look of like a vegetable Oil you wold cook with. 

Cody: So lets talk a little bit more about this FEELIT Product. So if I come to you and I tell you I have anxiety is this product something that I would need or use ? Do I need to use many different products. Would I need the sub-lingual and the trans-dermal products ? or could i get by with just the sub-lingual product ?

Charlotte: You could get by with just using one of the products. The great thing that I tell customers who have anxiety is that. Sometimes it is great to have the FEELIT for emergencies. And the reason I say that is, its not always the perfect time. To just whip a bottle out and start taking drops of something in front of a bunch of people. You might feel like that might even cause some more anxiety. Ya know especially as a female it is not uncommon for me to have ten million things in my purse.

So if I am having anxiety or I am with someone out somewhere and they start having anxiety. I am able to reach in my purse and pull out this jar that looks just like lotion. But because it is a trans-dermal cream it is able to penetrate all the different layers of the skin. To get into your bloodstream quick. That means that the CBD will be absorbed almost immediately and starts going to work. So I always tell people to put it in an area that is thinner skin. Like the insides of your wrist the top of your feet your rib cage. Those are all just places where the skin is the thinnest so then it is able to penetrate even faster.

So in an emergencies situation having the cream is kind of nice. Now there is also a lot of people that do not want to take a sub-lingual who do not want to drop drops into there mouth. Or who do not want to use it as an additive because you can also mix it into food or drinks. I myself have mixed it into coffee before I have mixed it with juice also. I’ve also mixed it into salad dressing before I have baked it into brownies before.

Mixed it into several different types of meals before. So the cream is great because it works just as well as the other two products. But in a different manor because you are not having to ingest anything you are just having to apply it to your skin. 

Cody: A trans-dermal product like that is great. Especially if your one of those type of people that one of the side effects of your anxiety. Is it causes you to have migraines or headaches. For the ladies out there you just carry it around in your purse like its a lotion or moisturizer. Pull it out pop the top and rub a little bit on the insides of your wrist, rub a little bit on your temples.

So not only are you now getting rid of your anxiety but your getting rid of your headache at the same time. So its kind of dual purpose at that point. But with that said there is also a lot of people that have anxiety that headaches are not one of there symptoms. 

Charlotte: Right there is also things like nausea and stomach aches and the lotion can be great for that. I always tell people to apply a tiny amount the size of a pea to the insides of your wrist. Then apply a small amount to the affected area. So if your having anxiety and having a panic attack. You feel like you are going to throw up its because your stomach is tightening up. So in that case rub a little bit on your wrist and then rub a little bit on your stomach. Like cody said if you have a headache put a little bit on your temples.

I know that cody has gotten bad headaches in the past and he has put it on the back of his neck. That has relieved the tension in the muscles thats causing the headaches. I mean my anxiety can make the back of my neck hurt and make the back of my eyes hurt. So i will put a little bit on the back of my neck so it starts to kind of sooth that area. There is a bunch of different symptoms that go along with anxiety. Like dizziness that using just a little bit of the FEELIT. Can help sooth and calm the dizzy effects your feeling. 

Cody: There is a lot of different things out there that you could use that type of a product for. Rubbing it on the inside of your wrist on your temples. Any where else on your body that is causing you discomfort or pain. But like we talked about before when it comes to anxiety not everybody has the same symptoms. Anxiety may cause a headache for you when it doesn’t cause a headache for the next person. So if your one of those types of people that anxiety causes you some type of a physical symptom.

Whether it be your stomach, abdominal cramps. Nausea feeling like your gonna throw up, Headaches. Things like that then ya the FEELIT product would be a 100% valuable option for you to use or have. But if your one of those types that has anxiety but none of your symptoms are a physical type symptom. Like headaches or something like that and its more like panic attacks or fear of this or fear of that. Or shaking, tremors of the hands things like that. Then it would be a better option for you to go with the ADDIT product the sub-lingual. Thats gonna be a determination that you are going to have to make though. Because we do not know what your exact symptoms are.

So depending of what symptoms you have will depend on which one of those products that will suite you better. It might be the ADDIT or the FEELIT or even maybe a combination of the two products. That’s something that your going to have to sit down and look at the symptoms you have. And then go from there to figure out which one of those products is better for you. If you need any type of help or are not sure which to go with we are always here to help we are always here to answer questions.

Call us or email us at any time tell us what kind of symptoms you are having. Tell us what the issues are the things you are going through. We can suggest which one of those products would be better for you.

Charlotte: And Cody and I are CO/Founders of CBD Libre we got spoiled because we are around our products all the time. And we have access to our products all the time. That said I do know that we both reach for different products for different things. I know that it is not every single day that i put VAPEIT in my E-Cigarette tank. There will be a day or two where i forget or i have other things going on and i don’t take ADDIT.

Or I always have FEELIT in my purse and that is something i have become accustom to. So its just because I was given this information and have access to this kind of stuff. Now that I just use it for so many different things. Like you said there will be some people that will use more then one product. That is something that we are definitely guilty of doing. Because we use all our products for a huge Variety of different things. 

Cody: I’ll find myself though out the day reaching for the ADDIT. Or the FEELIT it all depends on whats going on where I’m at and what is bothering me at that moment. Please email us, Call us tell us what is going on we can talk about your symptoms. We can suggest one product over the next kind of give you some advice on what direction you need to go in to help you the best. So with that said we don’t want to take up to much of your guys time today we know you have busy lives and things to do. So lets go ahead and wrap this pod cast up.

I think she gave you guys the email earlier in the pod cast if not we will go ahead and give it to you guys again. You can contact us through email. You can call us we also have some social media stuff going on you can contact us through instagram or facebook. So if you would like to go ahead and share that information with these people on how to get in contact with us. 

Charlotte: So my personal Email is. Charlotte@CBDLibre.com That is my email I am happy to answer anything that you have. If you have any questions for Cody you can email him at Cody@CBDLibre.com. Our website is awesome because we post a lot of information there about things that are going on. For more information about illnesses you can find this out at. CBDLibre.com or at CBDHelpme.org.

There is also some things in the works right now. For some promotions or specials even some giveaways going on. Our Facebook is CBDLibre you can come check us out there we do giveaways there from time to time. Our Instagram is Libre Story. So come check us out like us share us be a part of whats going on be a part of this movement of getting people to know about CBD. If you have questions or comments or want to hear some information on other things please let us know. 

Cody: Of course please let us know. If you guys are suffering from any other types of illness’s or Diseases. Or you have any family members loved one or friends it doesn’t matter please let us know. It doesn’t matter how common or how rare the illness or Diseases is. If you want us to do a pod-cast on it or a video on it talking about that type of illness’s and its symptoms please let us know. 

Charlotte: So on that note i hope y’all have a good day and tune in again. 

Cody: Awesome we would love to hear from you guys.

Anxiety Disorder Podcast Episode 1