What’s The Difference ?

Why is CBD better than Kratom?


The answer is simple, CBD is safer. CBD has the same positive effects as Kratom, yet contains no negative side effects. The possibility of overdosing on Kratom is real. CBD has yet to show any kind of possibility of overdose. How is CBD safer than Kratom? With medical research aside, the DEA removed the federal ban on CBD. Kratom is facing federal ban to get changed to a schedule 1 narcotic. To learn more about why CBD is an amazing alternative to Kratom click the link to the right!

Isn’t Hemp the same thing as Marijuana?


Aren’t they both illegal in the United States? Hemp and Marijuana both come from the same family of plant. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the difference since.  Many people think the only difference between the two is one is psychoactive. Lots of people think that Hemp has many industrial purposes but no medical properties. The negativity associated with Marijuana causes many people to not be open minded. Get more information about Hemp vs Marijuana with the link below.