Whoopie Goldberg Discusses CBD Oil: Legal or Illegal?


CBD Oil is a very confusing topic today, because there are CBD laws in place that are very exclusive to particular types of illnesses. Many of these laws carry stipulations that the CBD Oil can only be used by certain types of patients that are suffering from particular illnesses.

To avoid this red tape, some families have moved to Colorado or states that the CBD Oil infused products are easily available. The confusing part about this whole controversy of obtaining CBD Oil infused products is that, they are legal to be purchased online as a supplement.

Purchasing online brings the problem of finding a company that supplies true CBD Oil infused products and not a knock off that does not contain enough CBD Oil to help with any real health issues. There are even companies selling products tht do not contain any CBD Oil, and received warnings from the FDA.

The main key in whether the CBD is legal or not, is where the CBD Oil is derived from, because to be legal it must be derived from industrial hemp and not marijuana that is high in THC levels. The new Charlotte’s Web high CBD Oil strain has had a lot of attention as a high CBD and low THC plant.

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